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Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Whether you’re a weekend warrior who wants to prevent an injury (or treat a current one), a youth or high school student injured on the field, or a professional athlete who wants to improve your game, our sports rehabilitation program will help you reach your goals.

Sports injury rehabilitation focuses on treating injuries specific to you as an athlete and your sport, so you can return to compete as well – if not better – than before your injury. Our specialized therapists understand how posture and biomechanics affect an athlete’s movement patterns and are important in reducing injuries and preventing overtraining . Our therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation and create a customized rehabilitation program designed to help you reach your goals. In addition to treating an injury when one occurs, our therapists work with you to teach you how to prevent injuries in the future.

Our therapists have extensive experience working with tennis, golf, track and field, baseball, swimming, soccer, and lacrosse athletes.
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