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Below are testimonials we received.

After having both knees replaced and treatments from two different Physical Therapists I finally found Kerrie. Her individual attention and motivation has helped me to once again enjoy life. Every session is geared to my specific problem and through her guidance I have progressed from walker, to cane, to walking unassisted. -- Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kerrie patiently helped me regain my strength. Thank heavens for Kerrie Brooks!!!
- Jean

Kerrie has treated my entire family with extraordinary care. Having done gymnastics competitively my entire younger life and through college, as an adult, I today have some scars and aches and pains as constant reminders of my younger years. After having two shoulder surgeries and a frozen shoulder this past year, the only relief and chance of recovery I got came from Kerrie. When I first met Kerrie my shoulder was frozen and pretty much unbearable to touch. Through Kerrie’s kind, caring treatment and dedication to my recovery, today I have nearly full use of my shoulder and am able to be active again; even playing tennis. Kerrie has demonstrated superior knowledge and the attention she shows me during my appointments is simply unsurpassed. She makes me feel like I am her only patient.
- Melissa

As the parents of a young tennis player, we have been blessed with having met and befriended Kerrie. Kerrie has worked with our daughter through injury rehabilitation and has taught her the importance of stretching, icing, strengthening, and overall care and feeding of a young athlete’s body. Her style and rapport with our daughter is remarkable. We have been visiting her for nearly two years now, and we are all amazed that she continues to have new and exciting exercises for our daughter. Having the physical therapy experience be a fun and friendly one is important for us and nobody does this better than Kerrie.
– Melissa & Kristian

Kerrie recently helped me with a shoulder injury I got playing tennis. At first I didn’t know what was wrong with my shoulder and was scared. I didn’t know when I would be able to play again. Kerrie helped me understand what was wrong and showed me how to help my shoulder heal. Through sessions with Kerrie I learned the importance of RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Kerrie makes my sessions fun and I always learn something new with her. She is more like a friend and coach to me than a therapist.
- Nicole

I will always be indebted to Kerrie Brooks for her role in my recovery with Plantar fasciitis. Prior to meeting her, I had gone to specialist after specialist. I could barely stand or walk 50 yards. Today I walk 18 holes and have no pain! She provides a fun and supportive atmosphere which has been instrumental in maintaining my health. Her patience, guidance and care in physical therapy are second to none.
-Eric G.

In July 2009, I began seeing Kerrie Brooks as a last resort prior to booking a low back surgery. I tried everything from pain killers to pain management programs and needed a real solution. Although I was living in the worst pain I have ever experienced I gave the process a chance. In a few months and some emotionally trying work I was able to begin living my life normally again. In January 2010, I was able to do something that in July 2009 I could not have imagined. I could easily pick up and hold my new wife at our wedding. My wife and I will be indebted to you always.
-Clark B.

Kerrie Brooks has been a God send…If it were not for Kerrie, I would not have the use of my left arm. Having been under the care of another physical therapist for approximately 6months, my arm had not improved. With Kerrie’s knowledge and understanding and months of enthusiastic care, I now have full mobility in my shoulder. She is empathetic, kind, trustworthy and genuine. I highly recommend Kerrie to anyone!
-Pat T.
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